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Murder 38 - Episode One: A Small World

Join our detectives as they solve a grizzly murder on tonight's episode of Murder 38!

Point and click your way through this humorous tale of mystery and coincidence. Use the police computer, look for clues and interview people! All presented in a state of the art cinematic style that blurs the line between games and big budget tv dramas.

Made for Ludum Dare in 72 hours. It finished 5th place overall. 

We both killed ourselves making this in time. There may be a couple bugs or typos but we'll polish those bits after Ludum Dare as well as adding additional things we didn't have time to add. Have fun.

*Voice acting may be questionable, and a little quiet. Turn it up!

Controls - Click on stuff. You'll work it out. Top Tip: You can right click items in inventory to re-examine the item.

Alexis Boni - Coding

David Day - Art, Writing, Voices and Music

Install instructions

Download, unzip (not your trousers) and run the game!


Murder38 Episode 1.zip 72 MB

Development log


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Install instructions

Download, unzip (not your trousers) and run the game!"


I'm really excited seeing more of Detective Dammit and Detective Biche.
You've got lots of good games, and I'm really excited to play some of them. Also here's my gameplay video of this game, and I would love to play more games like this.

looks cool!

Hi there international spies, I made a video surrounding this ridiculous game Murder 38 and it is quite funny

This game was actually quite funny! I can't wait to see how it progresses in the future <3 

really fun game and the twist was crazy

Murder 38 is the story of one mans tea kettle and the adventures it goes on...the adventures of killing people! 

Amazing game with a great plot twist in the end! Can't wait for next episodes.

As i've mentioned in the video i'd wish the audio setting would work ( don't know why they didn't in my case ). The story was great, not to mention the humor. Great game overall! 5/5 

Hello there! Awesome. Thanks for making a video! I'm glad you liked it!!!

Regarding the audio menu. Murder 38 was made for Ludum Dare on the adventure game engine we are currently developing. Some stuff, such as the audio menu isn't fully implemented. I believe all you can really do is turn the subtitles off. Was there something you wished to adjust?

Nice game you made here! Tons of puns, silly humor and the right amount of detective investigation parody to make a very pleasent and funny experience to enjoy, I'd gladly play the second episode!

I made a video playing your game:

if you want to check, best of luck for your future projects, cheers!

Dammit that was a fun game. :)