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I was not good at this...

I may not be smart....




THE PERFECT HUSBAND | Lobotomy & You Full Gameplay Walkthrough

This game gave me hope for when my brain finally gives up on me being so dumb and I have to have a computer take over my body for me. I just hope the scientists aren't as rude! 

I don't even know where to start with this one. The voice acting was so good. I literally thought it was some sort of Stewie Griffin voice thing that you were using. VERY NICE. The audio quality was awesome as well. The mechanics of this game were super unique and I absolutely loved how the whole thing was staged. The story was a little sad, but with some humor thrown into it. I literally had zero problems playing this game, it ran super smooth. Graphics were good. Honestly, if you were to develop a full version of this with chapters or a segmented story mode (similar to Octodad) I would pay to play it. This definitely shows promise. Thanks for making this!

Great game again guys, you never disappoint :) I was surprised a bit that you decided to make a first person based game since you make mostly 2D based games, but it turned out great! Keep it up!

Can't download on Windows itch app :c

I called the number but there was no answer. I really like that you went 3D for this jam. :) 

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