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So so much fun! We featured it in our website, thank you for creating such unique games, as always

Realize I'm a little late but I had so much fun playing your game and wanted to say thank you!! Loved the comedy and humor. Loved the bit of mystery. Loved the game! Cannot find a single fault other than that there is no music track for Harold serenading Kevin ;) Really look forward to what you make next :D 10/10 

This is actually an interesting concept. Having multiple objects and multiple kinds of endings is actually a good way of presenting a game with multiple items. Cheers!

This is genius!! Please please please make it into the series?! I would love to see the documentary about cows and other investigations by Nigel Wimble :D

Thank you for nice comment. It is definitely something we will look to do in the future. I want to see the prison episode!

uploaded a video about this game

I wanted to play this game, but I only have a mac computer. Please update to Mac, thanks!

Uploaded a video of myself playing through your game, if you're interested in checking it out

Awesome! Thank you for playing and making the video!

This game i great!! only thing i would change is the text speed.

Thank you for the video! We are working on a new build with slower text speed which we'll upload as soon as possible.

Thanks for playing!

thanks man that would be a huge help for me

Looks like this doesn't work in the itch app. Might want to fix that.

The song Harold sings about his car has the same tune to what I believe is a Jewish song? We sang it loads of times in our house around the holidays. I can't remember the name of it, can anyone help me?

Sorry we just made it up for the game. If you ever found the similar song let me know, I'd love to hear that!

Yes, it's very similar to Eretz Zavat Chalav, and I remember singing a song to that very tune years ago. It hardly seems like a coincidence, but each to their own I guess.

Possibly it is similar to "Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah" or "Eretz Zavat Chalav" It's all depends on how it is sung (Some sing it way to fast for me) but It does kind of of remind me of both. The race car song though was stuck in my head and I was driving my friends crazy. Then we all busted out laughing because there was a race car bed in the middle of Target. Either way they are both great songs!

thank you!!