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Hey there!

I played this game with my friend last night and we had so much fun playing it!
It looks very nice, simple but effective. The game runs really smooth and has some very funny moments in it!

We made a video of this game, feel free to use it in any way for publicity or something else. Thanks for the fun experience!

Mister Bopi

The ending was... I blame CATS! Another sweet LD creation PB team. :) 

This is a great game, the comedy is right up my alley and got me laughing a good few times. Loved it and looking forward to seeing more from you guys in the future.

Link to gameplay for those that want a laugh - 

Another great game guys, super job! Loved this as I loved Murder 38, though I miss detective bich a bit...

And here's another video:

in case anyone wants to check it out, best of luck for the future ludum dares comedy, keep it up :D

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Hey! Thanks a lot! Glad you liked it! Thanks for making another video and keep your eyes peeled for more cases for Dammit and Biche to solve soon!